#goatattoofestival including Best of the Show Award Mukesh Waghela

#goatattoofestival  including Best of the Show Award Mukesh Waghela

So last year i i took part in my first ever convention and managed to bag the Best of Sunday and Best of the Show. Since then i have taken part in 4 conventions, managed to get 9 awards in all ... its been a wonderful 2016 with all the success achieved and Its an icing on the cake winning 2 awards at the #goatattoofestival 2017 including Best of the Show. Its a very emotional time for me looking back at the whole of last year and the achievements and the appreciation i have recieved from all my near and dear ones. Here i want to take a moment to thank all of them who have healped, teached and supported me. I am very greatful to my mentor fromTATTOOSCHOOLTHAILAND HUA HIN BY KANTHIMA AND GITTA Suchat Suksen from Jirst Tattoo. Pattaya . Sunny Bhanushali for helping me on many levels i cant even describe. Warren Jamesfor being there for me. 
Want to Thank Martin McIver for an amazing show (looking forward for the next edition) Dave T Taylorfor helping me a lot and for being my good friend.Perry Rule for getting me my first interview which was a dream come true to me. The whole of Moksha Tattoo Studio Team who have been there for me and thank you all my friends and my fans for your love and support. Tattooartist Vatsal Desai Artist ParthRocky Hela Aneey Suryavanshai

 — with Warren James.