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Our mission is to promote the best of international tattoo culture, support historic names on the scene, discover new talent, and follow up on all the contaminations of this art with other scenes and raise awareness of the history, future prospects and myriad facets of the fascinating art of tattoo to the widest and most varied public: professionals, tattoo fans, lovers of art and street art of all ages, cultures and every part of the world.

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founder Mukesh Waghela after obtaining a professional degree in tattoo making from Thailand Tattoo School. Mukesh eats, breathes, and thinks ink! His passion for tattooing is so infectious that people with no inclination to get inked go back with his art embedded on their body! Having undergone a rigorous training session at the Thailand Tattoo School in 2003, Mukesh has honed his skills over the years with his almost obsessive quest to become the best in the business. Mukesh’s forte lies in Custom artwork, where he gets an opportunity to explore his creativity. Mukesh has not only been awarded with several accolades and has been rated as the best tattoo maker in several categories, but also acts as a judge in several tattoo festivals across the country. Mukesh has inked several celebrities across the globe including Chris Gayle, Raghu Ram and many more. 

The main office keeps a close eye on international developments and our many contributors the world over ensure we always have a fresh take on what is going on in the world of tattoo and everything that revolves around this art form. The Tattoo Ink Magazine editorial team is made up of professional journalists and photographers who are contstantly engaged in the production of new articles, interviews and photo-reportage.

Still today, working for Tattoo Life is a source of pride and satisfaction for the best tattoo artists in the world and, thanks to these collaborations, the Group is proud to be able to guarantee our readers a quality product.